How did you start in photography?<br />
It all began with a simple point and shoot camera, wanting to do more.For years, I have used the family's film camera even the old shoulder-mount videocamcorders. I was happy with my very first camera, even with my cameraphone, but later knew that there are some limitations that triggered my needs to do better.As I grew up, I knew that the camera is not smart enough to do the right thing. I consider learning as an evolving process so then I bought my first digital slr giving me vast control over photography process while using it as a tool to capture every single moment from family snapshots, events, and travel.<br />
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What have you done in the past?<br />
After I graduated in my home country, I traveled and worked to Middle East for years, before migrating to Canada. I had directed and produced music videos for clients and friends. Also had a chance to conduct seminars and teach photography in a class and actively joining photowalks and shoots.<br />
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Shooting style?<br />
Starting from details to wide shots, I normally use natural light, and use flashes whenever required and in a non distractive way.I wait events to unfold, instead of directing, and shoot in unusual angle and perspective where our eyes don't normally see. Let there be motion and emotions!<br />
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Aside from photography, what do you do most?<br />
As a performer and musician too, music and photography have always worked in perfect harmony. <br />
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Any speacialty on photography?<br />
My specialty is not specializing, i do it all. But right now, I've got projects on events and music photography.<br />
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What's keeping you busy right now?<br />
Currently developing my site to its fullest and I'm working as a camera specialist/instructor in a company.<br />
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Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at if you have any questions, inquiries and even photos to share.<br />
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Shoot to Thrill!
Established in 2010, I started photographing portraits, events, and eventually small weddings. Since I did few tutorials & seminars in the past about photography, I was confident to venture in this industry and until now have expanded including photobooth services.

I do have a full time day job and also a dad to my little princess! So weekends are usually where most of my bookings are. But if your big day is on a weekday, we can accommodate!

We? Yes, for the most part I am the main photographer for weddings and events. My buddy JR is part of my team. And no, he's not assistant but a dedicated photographer that can switch  place with me if needed, because we have the same shooting style!

Capturing emotions in motion is our style. An image telling a story, no caption needed.  We wait events to unfold. But also with mix of directing, so don't worry about posing if needed, we got you! :)

If we have peaked your interest and you would like to find out if we are available for your wedding or event,  tell us your story! Shoot me a message!

Thank you for considering my work!

- Zyron Paul

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